Point-Counterpoint: The Indiana Religious Freedom Act

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Three weeks ago, Indiana passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act stating that a company can deny service to those who participate in activities, beliefs, and/or lifestyle choices that do not coincide with the companies religious views and/or beliefs. This caused an uproar so large that even companies have started pulling away from Indiana. The noise quickly caught the Supreme Court’s attention, and they are currently looking into the act to see if it is constitutional. 

Argument in Favor:

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It’s pretty obvious that people should be able to say they don’t agree with certain things due to our trusty Bill of Rights that give us our freedom of speech (even though this has the potential to be greatly abused) and religion.The original intent of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was to protect a company from being sued by a person who called them out on discriminating, when in actuality it is a religious matter. This law was not made to discriminate, but to protect a company’s religious rights. That’s it. However, the law seemed to have the opposite effect as people started calling Indiana out on the act, because this would allow companies to deny the service to those with sexualities that differ from the “normal”.

May I just point out the fact that Indiana isn’t the first state to apply these laws, it’s only now that people have actually noticed. Therefore, I think that the law could be more beneficial if people stopped overreacting. It’s because people are overreacting that people are more likely to discriminate. Also, on another note, the minority are entitled to holding their opinion and stating it if they wish.

Overall, if this could be solved if both sides simply tolerated each other, too. Due to the minor “uprising”, the law is being reviewed and some of the language is being tweaked. And after all the drama, maybe that’s for the best.

Argument Against:

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Let’s first view this from a Christian view-point, are we really saying that as Christians we can idly stand by and/ or actually SUPPORT these laws? While we may say that every child is a child of God, we’ll then turn around and say that because of someone’s sexuality, race or even religion they are lesser than we are in the sense that they don’t deserve basic human rights? If so, then can you truly consider yourself to be a Christian, one who was made in His image, so that we could represent who He is? Homosexuality in the Bible might be considered a sin, and that is understandable, but not the homosexuals. They are not the sin, their actions are, but the second part people seem to conveniently overlook to justify actions such as these laws, written under the false title as “religious freedom” further slandering the name of Christianity.

And for those of you who still decide to defend yourselves for supporting these laws, let me reintroduce to you the idea of segregation.

Segregate: To require, often with force, the separation of (a specific racial, religious, or other group) from the general body of society.

You’re supporting, once again, the forced separation of a group of people simply because you’re too ignorant to see them as equal. Let’s take a little journey down history road shall we? Hitler, killing off the Jews because he believed they were lesser, they weren’t part of the society that he had envisioned as being “perfect”. And what have we been teaching our children for years? That Hitler was a monster, not even to be considered as being human because of what he did. Yet, at the same time we are also taught about slavery and racial segregation in our own American history, and instead of holding ourselves accountable for what can only be described as “Hitler-izing” the nation, we’d rather simply brush it off as “history”. So here we are again, in the same predicament as we were almost 65 years ago and while this time it’s much more evident, it’s still too hidden. 

We’re all too quick to point out the flaws in other countries’ governments, while here in our own we’d allow such laws to pass, further dehumanizing us as a nation. We’re supposed to be moving forward and progressing as “One Nation Under God” yet we seem to be regressing as a nation and playing perfectly into the hands of the devil. 


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