Furious 7: A Final Tribute to Paul Walker

I had never watched a Fast and Furious movie in my life, and therefore when Paul Walker died, I was sad that a well-loved human being had died, but didn’t grieve with the rest of the country. When I watched Fast and Furious 7, it was for a birthday party, and not out of my own free will and choice. I STILL CRIED!!!

As far as my review of the overall movie goes, there were a lot of explosions. There were also a lot of pimped out cars pulling off absolutely ludicrous stunts in ridiculous ways that made me question every law of gravity and physics ever. The only words I could manage to utter mainly consisted of, “What?” and, “No.”

The story follows the team as they are under attack by the brother of a former villain, out for revenge against the people who permanently disabled his precious sibling. Hobbs (AKA: the Rock) is, disappointingly, out for most of the movie due to falling out the window and onto a car, escaping with a couple broken ribs and a broken arm; and Han is killed in Tokyo by the movie’s undead supervillain (as far as I’m concerned, everyone who is alive in this movie is also undead because there’s no possible way these people survived for seven movies). Meanwhile, Brian is struggling with accepting his domestic life with Mia, and Letty and Dom have relationship issues on account of her amnesia.

Then comes the tricky part: getting revenge on an undead supervillain without Han and/or Hobbs. Their whole chance of catching and retiring him rests on an anonymous hacker named Ramsey who has been kidnapped by terrorists. In a death-defying car chase, they extract Ramsey (Who they discover is a very attractive female. Who would’ve guessed?) from the clutches of the evil terrorists and then go on a series of even more death-defying stunts in the Arabian desert in order to find her invention: a software called “God’s Eye” that can hack into every single computer and camera in the world.

In the climax, Dom and Sir British Undead Supervillain have a man fist-fight, while Hobbs muscle-flexes his way out of a cast so he can go shoot some things. Meanwhile, Ramsey, Letty, Roman, Brian, and Tej dodge being blown to bits by RPGs. Also there are cars.

I didn’t cry because I was disappointed by the plotline or the abounding numbers of the undead. I cried because Furious 7- The Last Ride- was about saying goodbye. Realistic car crashes or not, the cast of Fast and Furious said goodbye to a dear friend, and they let him go the best way they knew how- by letting him drive off into the sunset, doing what he loves. It’s not just the conclusion to a very long and drawn out series, it is the final tribute to Paul Walker.


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