NNEC Celebrates 35th Annual Music Clinic

On Saturday March 28, over a thousand people crammed into the Pine Tree Academy gym for the Northern New England Conference’s 2015 Music Clinic finale. Occurring over a course of three days, the NNEC music clinic is a rigorous workshop where young musicians come together to work on what they love.

Consisting of five major groups, students can pick one or two and move in between them in different periods. Band, orchestra, and choir are the most popular, followed by an energizing youth choir (grades 5-6) and a three-level piano group. Each group presents their religious songs at the Friday night vespers and the Sabbath morning service, and then their secular, fun peices on Saturday night for the grand finale.

The pianists opened the program with two fun peices, and then a Gabriel Faure piece, Sicilienne, to end. The youth choir, directed by Mrs. Krueger- PTA’s music teacher, sang Place in the Choir, a song about God’s creatures praising Him, and the old favorite, Over the Rainbow. The strings director, Laurie Redmar-Minner, brought the audience to tears with a beautiful version of Music of the Night, while the choir (with Director Evan Chesney) made everyone laugh and clap with the Fugue for Fast Food and Oh! Susanna. They ended strong with a Sound of Music medley as a tribute to the movie’s 50 year anniversary. The band, under PTA’s principal, Mr. Krueger, played several American-themed tunes, including American Cameos.

This year, for the 35th anniversary, the committee chose the theme “Heaven is My Home” and the entire clinic performed Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus as this year’s finale peice.

If students could describe the music clinic experience, they would tell you that it’s tough, but worth it. “Grueling. Grueling work, and at times excruciating.” Says a first violinist, Sabrina Mapes. “But then it all pays off when you get to play.


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