2015 Spring Week of Prayer Live Updates

April 6, 2015 was the start of South Lancaster Academy’s spring week of prayer. The speaker for this week is Kevin Sears, who is a director for the NETS program. The theme is iWitness, and the week will be focused on having a relationship with Jesus and then witnessing to others about it. The week of the prayer kicked off to a good start with the praise team singing some classic worship songs like “I Lift My Hands” and “Whom Shall I Fear [God of Angel Armies]” by Chris Tomlin. SLA’s drama team, Act Up, also performed a skit about witnessing to others about what God has done in our lives. Kevin Sears then went into his sermon where he preached from John 9, mentioning the story of the man who born blind and then healed by Jesus. He talked about how God can even take the negative things in our lives and use them for good, to draw us closer to Him.

On Tuesday, April 7, the speaker for the second day of SLA’s week of prayer was Alina Terzi, also from the NETS Program. She preached from the first 6 chapters of Daniel, discussing the examples that Daniel set for us. She talked about how important it is to stay faithful to God in the small things as well as the big things. Before this, there were several songs done by the praise team, including “How He Loves” and “Whom Shall I Fear [God of Angel Armies]” which is the theme song of the week. Laiza Silva, a sophomore, performed a song called “I Choose Jesus” for special music. The program went very well, and at the end of her message, Alina Terzi reminded us all that we should be faithful to God in all things, following the example that is given to us in the Bible from Daniel. She told the audience that any little thing we do, such as helping out with chores, or cheering up a classmate, is a way to honor God and to show people who God is. The chapel closed with Pastor Niño leading out in the song “Come Into My Heart, Lord Jesus” and the students joining in to sing along.

On Wednesday, Kevin Sears returned as the speaker for worship. The praise team led out in music, including the songs “Blessed Be Your Name,” “Sanctuary,” and the theme song. Special music was done by Dylan Gibbons, Kathy Andreu, and Ellen DeOliveira. They sang an acappella version of  “Just As I Am,” which is hymn 313 in the SDA hymnal. Daniel Hammond, a freshman, led out in a special prayer. Kevin Sears preached from Romans 10. He talked about how important it is to do the work of God and to share the gospel with others. He gave examples in his own life of amazing stories about witnessing to others, and how his faith was strengthened by seeing what God was doing in their lives. He reminded us that it is important to share our faith with others, because faith without works is dead. In order to keep our faith alive, we need to share the good news with people, and pray that God works miracles in their lives just as He has in ours. Again, the chapel closed with Pastor Niño leading out in “Come Into My Heart, Lord Jesus.”

Worship on Thursday was great, and many people were blessed. The praise team sang a mix of “How Great is Our God,” “Our God is Greater,” and “How Great Thou Art.” Amber Sanchez, SA pastor, led out in prayer. Before doing so, she spoke about how we shouldn’t worry about what others think and we should stand for our faith in Jesus regardless of the judgments we may face from others. She asked anyone who was proud to say that they believe in Jesus to come forward, and the whole group prayed together. Then Kevin Sears came up to preach again, and today he preached from John 17:3. He spoke about knowing Jesus, and how it’s important that we know Jesus personally and that we don’t just know facts about Jesus. He emphasized how having a relationship with Jesus is the most important thing, and that this is what the Bible tells us. At the end of his sermon, he called anyone who has never fully accepted Jesus in their hearts before to stand and come up to the front of the chapel, and make that decision. Many students stood up, and the chapel ended on a very positive note.

The final day of week of prayer was very positive and a great end to the week of worship and learning new things about who God is. There was special music, Choir and Voce performed, and Kevin Sears preached a wonderful sermon all about the way that God uses young people to advance the kingdom. It was a very inspiring message that encouraged young people to get involved in ministry and evangelism in any way that God provides opportunity for.


Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 8.00.16 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 8.00.24 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 8.00.34 PM


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