Boeing and Star Wars = Awesome Future tech

courtesy of google images

courtesy of google images

A couple of days ago major plane producer Boeing was granted a patent on force fields, That’s right force fields. It sounds kind of silly but if it gets produced it would be awesome. If you ever saw Star Wars Episode I you know how awesome those force fields were. They could deflect basically anything. It would be really helpful in battles and wars.

They could deflect bombs, missiles, gunfire, and blast radius’ from bombs. This could also save so many lives and help so many people. They could integrate this into naval, army, or major company or government buildings. To get the idea off of a Star Wars movie is pretty silly, but at the same time really smart. It will really future in the near and far future.

I think its an amazing idea to take an idea like that and try to incorporate into the real world. It could help so many people in so many ways. The means of making it are still disclosed. It would also be a hard thing to keep running to. It would be interesting on how they are going to make and power it. Funding would also be a challenge to come over to because it would cost a lot. What do think about Boeing’s force field patent? Let us know in a comment down below.


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