The New Macbook is Here – and it’s a Bit Weird

courtesy of google images

courtesy of google images

A couple of days ago the new Apple Macbook came back into existence, and to say the least…it’s a bit strange. For a couple of years, the Macbook was discontinued, with the last ones being the classic plastic ones that were found everywhere. But now it’s making a reappearance, and many people are hating on it because of the specs it has been assigned by Apple. In short, the device costs $1299 and pre-ordering is available on Apple’s website. It has a USB-C port and it works basically for all the ports you already have. The new Macbook comes with no fans either.

The USB-C cord, a new technology not seen pretty much anywhere yet, replaces HDMI, VGA, USB, and Mini Display ports on a computer. It also takes place of your charger. This means the new Macbook has no magsafe connector and you won’t have that “safety net” if the device falls. So if you step on your computer, your computer will get wrecked.

The new Macbook also has a 12.2 inch display and will have more pixel aperture per square inch. It can have up to 9 hours on one charge. That’s not as good as the Macbook Pro, which gets up to 12 hours on one charge. It seems like Apple is making some bold moves and it doesn’t look like people are agreeing with them. The processor of the computer is an dual core 1.2GHZ 4MB L3 cache Intel LM processor. That not really that good because the turbo boost only goes up to 2.6GHZ. This is significantly slower than other laptops with a similar price. If you are a gamer or do use high-end intensive applications, this computer won’t be able to keep up.

Apple is really trying to push new things lately and it looks like people are trying to understand why. I think that the new USB-C port is a good idea. If they try to push the idea of this new port it could actually work. The rest of the computer is lacking in some areas. Apple has the potential to make this laptop awesome and I don’t really understand why they didn’t. It would be really good for students, but not for gamers, business people, or videographers. The Macbook is a good idea but is lacking some potential to be great.

What do you think about the Macbook? Let us know in the comments below.


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