Windows OS Feel Outdated? Worry Not! Here Comes Windows 10!

courtesy of google images

courtesy of google images

Make no mistake about it. Microsoft is innovating once again. They have unveiled a new version of their operating system,  Windows 10,saying that it will come out this year and be free for people running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. They have already came out with a technical build or (beta), and users can download and see the early process of Windows 10. In terms of aesthetics, it is very similar to Windows 8. Even though they skipped their 9th update, it will still be a very strong and powerful update.

Some of the new features include Xbox marketplace integration. If you have a Xbox 360 or an Xbox one you will be able to buy games and check your friend lists and check achievements right from your laptop or desktop. You read that right: you will be able to play Xbox games on your computer!

Cortana is also one of the new features for the update. Cortana is much like Apple’s Siri and is also a virtual assistant. If you are a Halo fan this will be nostalgic in the sense that Cortana is Master Chief’s Virtual assistant with the same name.

This update will be big and Apple will have a lot of to work up to so they can compete against them. What do you think of Windows 10? Let us know in the comments below.


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