Annual Girls’ Retreat Focuses on “Inner Beauty”

Courtesy of Heather Cook

From February 27 to March 1, twenty-four girls and five chaperones traveled six hours up to Rangely, Maine, to the Rittenhouse Cabin where they  joined and grew together by learning about their inner beauty and worth. The chaperones included Mrs. Stevenson, Mrs. Ciccone, Mrs. Irrgang, Janice Castro, and Pastor Heather Cook.

The trip started off with the girls loading the bus at six thirty in the morning and riding six hours up to Rangley. Once they arrived at the cabin, the girls unpacked and separated into their rooms. The girls were split up into groups and each group would take turns cooking and cleaning for the group.

Two to three times a day the girls would join in the living room by the fire to discuss inner beauty and how to really understand their self worth. They sang songs, did Bible studies, went snowmobiling, and even watched “God’s Not Dead”. The girls responded well by sharing their thoughts and feelings which ultimately brought the group closer together over only just a few days.

After each of these meetings the girls would gather in the kitchen and dining area to take part in an activity; anything from painting their nails, making lip gloss, putting on honey face masks, to putting egg and bananas in their hair (apparently it works wonders for softness). They also had manis and pedis and even got to keep the recipes of all the things they made. When asked what their favorite part of Girls’ Retreat was, the girls all responded positively with radiant smiles.

Sarah Urbina, a homeschooler who joined the SLA girls on the retreat said, “My favorite part of Girls’ Retreat was getting closer to the other girls. They are all awesome and it was just a fun place to be. I’m so glad I went this year!”

“My favorite part? Snowmobiling! I just love the experience and I can’t do it at home. I also love the beautiful view we get from the cabin; it’s so wonderful to see God’s creation!” Loree Drasich, a Junior at SLA said.

When the trip was over, all the girls loaded up their stuff back onto the bus where they sang songs nearly all the way home. Because of this year’s Girl’s Retreat, the girls all grew closer to God, each other, and even got to know themselves better too; it was truly a blessing!

Have you ever taken a moment to realize how much you’re worth? Take a moment now to reflect on how much Christ treasures you. Feel free to leave a comment!

“Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.” Proverbs 31:30 KJV


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