SLA 2015 Peru Mission Trip Preview

Photos taken by Roger Henderson

Photos taken by Roger Henderson

From March 5-16 this year, twenty-seven students and nine chaperones will fly out to Iquitos Peru. Together the group will build houses for the homeless, drill wells for the thirsty, and host VBS for the playful children for nine out of eleven days.

The trip will start out with a rather long flight to Atlanta and then down to Peru where they will then hop onto a bus and drive a few hours to Iquitos; that’s when the real work will begin. The students will separate into groups and assist in any work that is needed by the People of Peru project, including those listed before. The group assisting in VBS will join the children in singing songs, handout supplies such as toothpaste, soaps and snacks, and even make crafts.

When the week is up, the missionaries will then head to the Amazon where they will spend a night in an elevated hut after what Jamie Daum, mission trip coordinator, jokingly called a cruise on the river.

“What do you fear most about the trip on the Amazon?” I asked Edyn-Mae Stevenson, one of the students going on the mission trip.

“Pink dolphins. Because they are scary and have faces only a mother could love,” Stevenson declared. “Also venomous snakes.”

“I’m afraid of falling in the water. I’m also scared that alligators will spontaneously attack our boat,” Tori Stong, another participating student heading down to Peru admitted. While falling in the water and venomous snakes were rational fears, one can only question the others.

While the trip up the Amazon must be amazing, the team is really heading down there to witness to others the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. During last Peru mission trip, while passing out supplies at VBS, Pastor Nino and a few others realized they might not have enough snacks for all the children. At the start of the week there had only been a few kids, but by the end there were around one hundred. Worried that they’d not be able to share the snack with all the children, the group prayed over the goodies. By the time that all the children had gone through the line, each had gotten a snack. One can only imagine how exited the students and chaperones must’ve been after hearing of that miracle!

After hearing all of the commotion traveling around the school, it is only obvious that everyone has high hopes for the upcoming trip. Good luck guys!


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