The True Super Bowl XLIX MVP: Julian Edelman

New England Patriots wide receiver Edelman celebrates his fourth quarter touchdown catch against Seattle Seahawks cornerback Simon during the NFL Super Bowl XLIX football game in Glendale

Courtesy of Google

New England’s little giant wide receiver Julian Edelman was resilient this season with the Patriots, and had an incredible performance in the Super Bowl XLIX win against the defending champion Seattle Seahawks.

The MVP award is usually given to the quarterback, which kept in pace this year with the choosing of Tom Brady. But the player who was nearly impossible to stop was Julian Edelman. He finished the with nine catches for 106 yards and a game winning touchdown. Maybe Tom Brady’s hype overshadowed Edelman’s impact or even Malcolm Butler snatched all the attention on his key play for the Patriots win. But Julian Edelman was, all-around, the best player in this game.

Starting off the game Brady had already made a bad mistake, which lead to an interception by Jeremy Lane. Adapting quickly, Edelman saw the route Lane was approaching and tackled him right to the sideline. It resulted in Jeremy Lane leaving with a broken arm, which also was very lucky, because he was possibly the corner to cover Julian himself throughout the game. Shortly after Edelman’s next catch was a 23-yard pickup that ended with a 3-yard dive through Maxwell and safety Earl Thomas. A clutch moment!

Yes, Julian Edelman’s perfect performance helped the patriots tremendously when down 24-14 in the fourth quarter. Edelman was targeted brutally by CB Kam Chancellor, but still kept earning his yardage without dropping the ball. He kept making every catch and getting more yards that the Patriots were looking for. The Patriots were facing 3rd and 14 and absolutely needed to convert to win the title, and Edelman ran a fast paced route which would’ve ended in an earlier touchdown if weren’t for a pass that was overthrown by Brady, but seconds after Edelman ran the same route but with more determination and executed the play with a TD with 2:00 left on the clock on the fourth quarter. He was perfect and was there in every play to finish and help the Patriots seek hope for a win that was looking like another loss.

Certainly, Julian Edelman did his job and more. He did what Wes Welker couldn’t do. Edelman showed toughness and kept putting himself in positions that many receivers in the league would have failed to to bring their team to victory. Many fans have agreed on social media and at the Patriots’ parade in Boston that Julian Edelman was the best player on the field that Sunday, and was which was unfairly lost in the noise after the Butler interception and Brady’s comeback drives.

Even though Julian’s humbleness on the field only portrays how important a win for the team is , he will show no regret or disappointment of not winning the award over his quarterback Tom Brady, whom he idolizes and said “ You know you’re the best QB of all-time now, right? ” shortly right after the fireworks going off emphasizing the Patriots win in the University of Phoenix Stadium. Edelman’s Super Bowl performance can’t be forgotten, he was one of the biggest key players. It was historic. It was a championship performance. Congratulations Julian Edelman! You Did Your Job!


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