Your Student Week of Prayer Live Summary

January 26 is the beginning of SLA’s Student Week of Prayer, themed “Personal Connections.” This year, the Pioneer staff is posting a daily summary for each session.

Monday: The praise team started the week off strong with a series of fun and fast-moving songs to wake the students up. The special music was done by Dylan Gibbons, Loree Drasich, and Hannah Knowles, who sang an a cappella version of “the Blood.”

SLA’s very own drama team, Act Up, performed a skit in which a boy had a dream about two sides of spirituality. “Worldly” and his friends wanted the boy to join them in a life of partying, and “Christian” and her friends wanted him to dedicate his life to reading the Bible and singing songs for Jesus. In the end, the two sides yell at him to choose and he wakes up.

Following the skit, and this week’s them song, Caleb Olmedo, the Junior Associate Pastor, delivered a touching sermon about the doubts that hold us back from connecting with God, and his own personal journey that led to him attending SLA. At the end he showed a video about doubting in God.

To see the video about doubt, click this link:

To listen to this week’s theme song, click here:

Thursday: The title of Thursday’s sermon was “Almost.” Freshman class pastor, Mikayla Olmedo, spoke about the things in our life that could’ve taken a turn for the worse. She used the story of Lazarus as an example. Lazarus wouldn’t have died if Jesus had come to him sooner, but Jesus used him as an example of the miracles God can perform.

Mikayla took the word “Almost” and made it positive by giving it an acronym. “We serve an all-powerful, loving, magnificent, omnipotent, superior, and trustworthy God,” she said at the end.

The sermon was complimented by a skit done by the drama team about fateful choices. In the skit, a young girl made a selfish choice that caused her best friend to die. The point of the skit was that the choices that we make can severely affect our life.


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