Lizard Squad – Hacking Our Online Gaming

courtesy of google images

courtesy of google images

Lizard Squad is a hacker group that took down Xbox Live and PSN (Playstation Network).  The attack took place during this past Christmas vacation.  They also have members that were apparently apprehended, nobody really knows that if they are real members or not. A couple of incidents came up where members of the group came out and talked to some of the media. We don’t know whether some of these guys are legitimate members or not. They have “caught” one of the members and has been charged with cyber fraud.

The consequences of cyber fraud come in many forms three of them are communication intercepting is 1 to 5 years and a fine, hacking is 3 years in prison or a fine, hacking a building protected by the government is 10 years in prison and a heavy fine.  They have hacked more companies other than Xbox and Playstation, they have hacked Blizzard, Bungie, and Activision. These companies have been making games for a long time and now they’re being attacked for one reason that Lizard Squad has apparently leaked.

The reason being that these companies make you pay a large sum of money  that is supposed to give you a lot of security that apparently isn’t doing its job. The hacktivists then took to their computers and started DDOS attacking the servers of Xbox and PSN. A DDOS attack is an attack that takes place when an individual or group that overloads the given servers with too much information and then the server goes offline. That is the type of attack that the hacktivists chose to commit this attack. The servers were off for about  two weeks.

A famous hacker saying was said when two of the members were apprehended. The saying was that they did it, “just for the lulz.” One member said that they took everything from him including his xbox, his computer and USB’s. He spent four days in jail starting from December 29, 2014. The member won’t be locked up until the hearing in March 2015, says PC World. They then later stated that they were “mere commercials” to sell their DDOS services. To buy these services you will have expand your knowledge on the internet and enter the Dark web.

The Dark Web is a place on the internet where things are not indexed by major search engines (i.e Google). To access the dark web you have to download a program named Tor. Tor is a search engine mixed into with a web browser that allows you enter these non indexed materials. The dark web isn’t all bad stuff. It’s just stuff not indexed on Google. The government hides documents and other classified materials on the dark web also. But there does lie danger, like hackers, phreakers, and criminals. The black market is also on the Dark web, that is where you find Lizard Squads services. But it appears that the lizard squad won’t be able to sell their services any longer as their trial is in March. What do you think about these hackers and their means of ruining people’s holidays? Let us know in a comment down below.


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