How Come Batteries Still Look the Same? It’s 2014!

courtesy of google images

courtesy of google images

Our modern idea of batteries have been around 2000. It is 2014, and we should at least have longer-lasting batteries instead of having to buy new ones so frequently. In 2009 Apple made the Macbook with a revolutionary new feature: a new battery. The new battery lasted 40% longer than the previous models. Since then, we’ve seen little progress.  A company named Envia said that batteries might not be doubled until 2021.

What is interesting about Samsung is that this year, Samsung has come up with a different approach to battery life. They have created a battery in the Galaxy S5 that can last 12.5 days. It runs for 12.5 days because it removes your home screen, camera, settings, and switches colors in the phone to black and white.

Also, in 2009 IBM said they would give $500,000.00 to a group of researchers that could make a thing called, “Battery 500.” The company created a challenge for groups to create a battery that would propel a car 500 miles. IBM also has researchers doing a project about creating a lithium-air battery. Instead of the average lithium-ion battery, this battery uses air instead of carbon to mix with metals to create electricity. That would reportedly cut the weight of the battery in half. That’s awesome.

This is an awesome idea of companies to try to change the battery market. It would improve everyday life a lot. items and devices would last longer, including the phones we have. We would have longer times to call people in case we wind up in a certain emergency. People would be able to have cars that last longer especially hybrids and wouldn’t have to worry much of your car battery cutting out and stay stuck stranded, and especially now that it’s the winter we would really need that. What your opinion on batteries these days? Let us know in a comment below.




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