Ferguson: National Crisis? Or Call for Help?

Recently, much speculation has been made about the recent killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri. It has turned into something so violent it could be seen as a severe attack on the U.S. Government. At this point, the entire argument has basically turned into a back and forth argument that is getting no where fast. Some people might involve the idea that it was racial profiling. Just to clarify, this is 100% an unbiased article, at this point I’m just a high school senior who wants to touch base on a sensitive topic across the nation. I, in no way, nor anyone involved with the SLA Pioneer want to offend anyone or any groups thereof.

So as most of you know by now, there has been many protests, both peaceful and violent, all across the nation after the grand jury ruling. From Ferguson, to California and all the way to Boston, people from all walks of life are joining together to try and push some type of resolution. This is all because of a tragic altercation between Officer Wilson, and 18-year old Mr. Brown, where there was an apparent altercation between a police officer and a teenager.

The teenager, Michael Brown allegedly stole some cigarillos from a convenience store. Officer Wilson found someone who fit the description, decided to stop him and his group and allegedly asked them to move from walking in the middle of the road to the sidewalk. Then, it was said that Mr. Brown reached into the car to strike Wilson, then shots were fired, one of them just missing his thumb. Then, Mr. Brown ran down the road and got shot 5 more times.  It is said he was either running towards the Officer Wilson, or he was running away. All the shots were of the front of the body. There was a total of 12 shells, or casings, found at the crime scene. The state convened a grand jury to investigate the evidence, and decided that they were not going to indict him.

There are so many different witness statements to sift through, and the whole event is tough to add up. In response to this case, a series of robberies and looting has ignited in Ferguson as part of a revolt to try and send a message. It’s a war scene out there and it isn’t fair that people living in this area have been subject to this type of violence. There are just very angry citizens who want justice. So how do we find a peaceful way to move forward from this? How can we as a society prevent this from happening again? It is going to be very hard to make everyone happy whichever way you go with.



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  1. Honest open discussions, not denials about a Worldwide problem, is what is needed. These words have been spoken many times, without results or changes. Our Lawmakers and Leaders, have continually failed us, by not backing laws written to protect all people. I write today, because I to am a victim of laws that were ignored. The Courts agreed drug testing laws were needed. The Courts also spoke of protecting those being tested, yet ( the courts ) failed to act, on the law when the case was before them. Presidential assurances, are being ignored. I have written the President, many times, begging for a fair hearing, years haves passed, no replies. The problems, if the Leaders do not stand behind laws they put into place, we the people, cannot expect protection. Knowing you can break the law, without punishment, is a very powerful weapon. Inforcing the law won’t stop race crimes, or any other crimes completely, but it ( inforcing the law ) is a start. I am innocent, I need help. My Constitutional Rights are being denied. I been fighting for a long time and I need help. Please , I ask your help, write to the President , on my behalf. All I ask is the hearing I did not recieve, a fairing hearing.

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