For years, the students here at SLA have celebrated the tradition of a School Spirit Week upon the first Varsity basketball game. It’s a fun way for the students to take a break from the drudgery of daily life and work together toward a common cause (mainly our Crusader pride). Now, our student way-of-life is being violated!

After last year’s “Scandal of the Too-tight Yoga Pants” we had heard rumblings that Spirit Week was done forever. However, when our former principal, Mr. Huff, resigned, Spirit Week was back… with a catch. On Thursday, December 4, Student Association broke the tragic news. All those participating in Spirit Week must still wear the standard school polo.

Spirit Week has become a real downer to say the least. So far, it’s affects can be seen all over the student body. The yearbook staff are feeling the blow the most. “It’s bad for business,” said editor, Tori Stong. “It’s really hard to get pictures when no one is participating.” Talk about administration brutality.

Not to mention, the crushing affect it’s had on student spirit. Many students have decided not to participate out of protest for this new infringement on their rights. “If we can’t actually dress up, there’s no point!” Said Nathan Howes, one of the mentioned protestors.

“What is this? Communist Russia?” Asks Josue Feliciano, a junior. “By telling us we have to stay in uniform, they’re basically asking us to fit a circular peg into a triangular hole. Everyone know it’s impossible!”

Another anonymous protestor stated, “Us participating [with uniforms] in Spirit Week is like Amish people participating in Spirit Week.”

Over all, the administrations new demands are causing lack of participation in the student body and have been a heavy hit to school spirit. How are we expected to have pride for our school and it’s sports if we have no opportunities? Hey administration, WE WANT OUR SPIRIT WEEK BACK! And we want it now. Thank you.


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