Paul Walker: Remembering the Icon One Year Later

As some of you may recall, I did an article a few months back in a tribute to Paul Walker after he unfortunately passed away after a tragic car accident. This article to me is something very important because Paul Walker was one of the only “celebrities” who actually cared about other people. He is one of the only genuine human beings that were still famous and continued to help others. A few days ago, was his one year of passing away, he died November 30, 2013. Genesis Coupe

Over the weekend, November 29th to be exact, groups across the country got together to remember him and pay tribute. One group in particular called MassTuning basically started an event here in Boston. We all met in a parking lot at around 9:00 PM in Saugus, MA. There were hundreds of cars there, and more arrived by the minute. Car enthusiasts across the East Coast, including Rhode Island, Connecticut, and anywhere in between were present.  These individuals ranged from the most amateur of motor-heads to the real of the real that eat, sleep, and breathe engines.

We saw cars that were lowered, cars that were raised, cars with exhausts that woke up the surrounding neighborhood. Cars that don’t need exhausts, such as Tesla, were there too. There was also police officers, state troopers to be specific, basically supervising the event on the cold winter night and just making sure no one would do anything stupid. IMG_0034

There was also an option to donate to the ROWW (Reach-out World Wide Foundation), and organization started by Paul Walker to assist individuals living in poverty. The foundation has been there to help with services such as providing clean water to rebuilding homes for those affected by natural disasters.

So as we walked around more cars kept appearing. and the more I was intrigued to keep looking around. We basically all waited until the ride. “The ride” was the main event of night, where all cars would cruise around Boston, going over the three bridges in the city and end up in another location.The entire event was all police-supervised. Highways were shut down along the way and police cruisers traveled with us all the way through.

GT-R  IMG_0035

Things like this are really admirable, because just to have them at the parking lot was awesome and the fact that they cruised with us was even better. Many other events like this took place that night all around the world, ranging from U.K. to China, anyone who was really moved by what Walker had accomplished in life and just celebrating his soul and his legacy.

If you want to donate, or volunteer, feel free to click the following link and donate to a great cause and donate funds or supplies, anything helps. Click Here


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