Amazon Echo review

courtesy of google images

courtesy of google images

Amazon has came out with another device other than their Fire phones, and Fire Tablets. This time the company has released the Amazon Echo. The product is an in-home speaker that listens to you and you speak to it and does tasks for you. It can be best compared to Siri. It was announced at the beginning of November and is now for sale by invitation only. It cost $200.00.

The name of the artificial intelligence voice  in the speaker is called Alexa. Alexa can listen to you, but only from certain distances. So you would have to be in the same room to use the Echo. If you are too far away, don’t fret, the Amazon Echo comes with a remote with a microphone so you can talk to her from large distances. It’s really cool that they would implement that into the remote because that makes the device even better for consumers to buy this product.

Right now there aren’t any competitors that the Echo will face. It’s in a market all its own. That gives the product a big advantage against other companies that are thinking of adopting the idea of products similar to this one. It would make a big difference in a family household that would make things easier. It would help with reminders and letting people what to get next time they go to the grocery store, asking for the weather, listening to radio, or asking for a definition of a word.

What do you think about the new Amazon Echo? Let us know in the comments below.


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