Mrs. Daum Leaves SLA After 22 Years of Service

Mrs. Daum, who has been the treasurer of South Lancaster Academy for over 20 years will be leaving the school by the end of December. Her husband accepted a job in Illinois and she will be joining him there. She has been a very positive influence on the school throughout the years, and has done so much to make it a better place. The Pioneer decided to sit down with Mrs. Daum and ask her some important questions before she leaves:

Q: What brought you to SLA and how did you begin here?

A: “When I first came here, I was hired part-time. I worked six hours during the week and everything else had to be done on the weekend and evenings because I had little kids at home to take care of. What drew me to this school was the Christian academy atmosphere and that I wanted to send my kids here.”

Q: Why did you choose to send your children to this school and why do you continue to support Adventist education?

A: “I chose to send my kids here because I believe in Adventist education. I believe it is the best place for them. It was the way I was raised and I wanted to give them the best opportunity to meet Christ.”

Q: What are some of your best memories and experiences that took place while working at SLA?

A: “My favorite experience working here is either when I get to be in the classroom or all of the miracles I’ve seen take place here. Many miracles take place here when people are trying to send their kids to come to school here and the Lord steps in and works out the finances for them.”

Q: What will you miss most about this school?

A: “The thing I will miss most about SLA is the people. Also, another thing that comes to mind is the mission trips. God’s work through the mission trips has been an enormous blessing.”

Q: What advice do you give to SLA and Browning going forward?

A: “Pray together, stay together, and look for God’s leading.”

Mrs. Daum has contributed so much to this school and helped to get it to where it is now. The students, parents, alumni, teachers, and other faculty here at SLA and Browning all recognize her leadership and appreciate all she has done to make this school better, including her focus on mission trips and reaching out to others to show Christ’s love.

If you have any encouraging words or anything you would like to thank Mrs. Daum for, share in a comment below.


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