Chris Picco’s Incredible Faith Amidst Loss of Wife & Child

On November 8, 2014, Chris Picco lost his wife, Ashley Picco. Chris and Ashley were from Loma Linda, California. Ashley was 24 weeks with pregnant with their son, Lennon James. Something had gone wrong in her pregnancy and she died suddenly, and Lennon had to be delivered by emergency C-section. Lennon James, who was 16 weeks premature, lived for just four days before he also passed away.

While Ashley was pregnant, she often could feel her baby moving to music. Chris, a worship leader in the Seventh-day Adventist church, was also very passionate about music and when he lost his wife, he knew that she would have wanted him to sing to their child. A video was taken of Chris singing “Blackbird” by the Beatles and playing the guitar for his newborn son, Lennon, appropriately named after John Lennon of the Beatles. This heartbreaking and poignant video went viral, with over 15 million views and millions of people sending their condolences for Chris Picco and his family.

About a week later, a funeral was held for Ashley and Lennon, at Loma Linda University Church. Picco delivered a very emotional speech at the funeral service, and stated that “God had nothing to do with this.” He made it clear that he does not believe God caused the tragic death of his wife and child. Picco went on to discuss how good things can come out of tragedy, and his faith in God.

Chris Picco’s story is an incredible example of strong faith in Jesus. It is amazing to see how he continues to praise God even through a time of unspeakable loss. It is important that we pray for Picco and his family at this time. The video of Picco singing “Blackbird” to Lennon and the video of his speech and performance of “This is My Father’s World” at the funeral are linked below. If there is anything you would like to say to Chris Picco, please leave a message below in the comments section.


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