Solar Brick Roads: Riding On the Future?

courtesy of google images

courtesy of google images

This year someone had the idea to make solar brick roads. Though it will cost a lot of money it would benefit us and the world greatly. It could really improve the economy and how we travel. It would also benefit all those Global warming extremists in the world. the people who came up with this brilliant invention are amazing. The people who made it come from the Netherlands named SolarRoad. They teamed up with the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research. Not only have these people came up with the idea but have announced that they are readying a road in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, it is only a bike lane that is 70 meters long. Nonetheless it’s really cool. The lane will open on November 12th and it will be held in Krommenie. By 2016 they hope to expand the lane from 70 meters to 100. The lane currently is 25 kilometers away from Amsterdam and the upcoming extra 30 meters will have in Amsterdam, hopefully.

The U.S. has no current plans for the solar roadways. But if it were to happen it would cost around $4.3 million. It would be a great idea to adopt something like this. This would make pollution go down. Also as time goes on, solar panels will go down decreasing the price of the road. That would make it more affordable for the U.S. to have.

This is a good start to SolarRoads expansion, but their ultimate dream is to have all roads with solar panels. The biggest concern that states have with these awesome roads are money. This whole project has cost around €1.5 million. That is a lot of money that countries would be spending on a road. The people who made the biking lane think that the completed 100 meter lane will cost as much as€3 million. The countries thinking of having these roads would have to spend a lot of money for this and would have to take into mind that the economy isn’t doing that well.


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