A Word From The Captains

Last week, the Pioneer recapped the 2014-15 fall sports season for South Lancaster Academy. This week, the school’s newspaper has decided to provide an opportunity to hear from a few of the team captains about what they thought and experienced throughout the season. Their first-hand perspective provides valuable insight about each of the four sports teams and their journey this season. One captain will be spoke from each sport: Kurtis Bakerlis talks for the boys’ varsity soccer, Gillian Stevenson for girls’ varsity soccer, Alyssa Christoph for the varsity volleyball team, and Jared Allain for the new cross-country team.


 IMG_0418Kurtis Bakerlis

“I’m not gonna lie; I love my team…even though they are a pain to get to practice and stuff. It wasn’t the best season I could have hoped for to finish as a senior, but I definitely saw progress being built in every single player. We struggled with players showing up to practices and even games, which was a major factor in an unbalanced season of wins and losses. But we still made it to playoffs! I really hope boys’ soccer continues at SLA despite all the seniors leaving, which makes up 90% of the team.

IMG_0380Gillian Stevenson

“There’s not a lot of highlights that happened this season, or much information about the season for others to read about. Despite the record and outcomes,  I think this season did help us come closer together as a team. Even though we didn’t do that great, I really hope we have a much better season next year.”


IMG_0377Jared Allain

“The season was really good! Pastor Heather really got us to push past our limits and really achieved our max potential. As far as games go, it wasn’t bad; we tried our hardest and did our best. Hopefully, next year, we could be in a larger group and have a better season.”


IMG_0381Alyssa Christoph

“One good thing, besides our only win this season, is that we are mostly Sophomores, so we can all grow as a team in the next couple of years. Hopefully, once we get to be Seniors, we can be a powerhouse team and get more wins from the time and effort we put in. We did lose a lot of games we didn’t expect to, but there were a lot of games we came close to winning and fought for tiebreakers. We were just missing continuous set plays and the chemistry was lacking. We will try even harder next year!”

How do you think our crusader athletes played this Fall season? Any suggestions our overviews on what to work on for a specific sport?


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