2014-15 Recap: SLA’s Fall Sports


Photo credit: Einar Rom


The 2014-2015 fall sports season is almost over. Unfortunately, the SLA Crusaders didn’t have any record-breaking, outstanding seasons.  Instead, this season’s trend centered around rebuilding and gaining experience for the large number of young players in the different programs.


The boys’ all huddled up and even as closer as a team!Photo credit: Einar Rom

Boys’ Soccer

5th year coach Henrique Deoliveira has helped out the soccer program, and for the fifth time he has brought the boys varsity team to playoffs! The boys skimmed their way into this season’s MIAA tournament with a record of  7-7 (8-7 non-league).  The boys had a shaky season which led to every game they faced being a challenge.

This year the starting 11 players consisted of nine seniors; a huge worry for next year’s team. All three captains; Igor Yoshida, Kurtis Bakerlis and Arlan Gagnon kept team spirit up with stellar position play and helping others develop their skills. As the season went on, the team faced social issues from within due to locker room and on-field disagreements. These rifts are what led to a devastating loss against Trivium midway through the season.

From that point on, the team realized this problem needed be overcome if they wanted to set foot in the MIAA Tournament. Focus and determination was needed to win two out of the three games left in the regular season to secure a spot for them in playoffs. The boys stepped up, came together, and did just that!

With a tourney spot secure, the Crusader boys’ played their first round in playoffs against Trivium. Senior captain Igor Yoshida, out from a serious ankle sprain, subbed in as goalie in the 2nd half when starter Michael Oliveira left the game with 3 fractured fingers. The intense match ended in 1-1 tie and a penalty shootout, with the Crusaders losing 4 shots to 2.


Girls’ soccer

Victoria Stong and Lisa Gifford, the two seniors on the squad, led a majority of underclassmen and a couple of jr. high players to a record of 0-14-2. A victory was not in the Lady Crusaders hopes for this season, but they refused to give up, and produced a couple of ties that displayed their grit and determination. This season was all about learning the game and gaining experience for most of the players. The Lady Crusaders worked hard all summer and throughout the season, keeping a positive attitude and striving to make a name for the newest sports team at SLA.CS7_7118

Each game provided players a chance to shine and show their growth and potential. The girls’ progress this season shows clear signs of future success in the next few years as they continue their growth in the sport. The strong core of freshmen are sure to compete next year with more experience and maturity.

Girls Volleyball


Photo credit: Peter Christoph


The girls team had a new set of coaches this season, with SLA alumna Jaenia Fernandes and Village Church pastor J.P. O’Connor leader a squad of largely underclassmen. Sole senior Rosie Collado stepped up and helped teach the new girls how to play the game. With many players that have never spiked a volleyball until their first tryout on the team, the experience of Sophomore Isadora Ferreira and Rosie Collado helped keep the team to competitive in most games throughout the season. Numerous times  the girls came close to winning games, but were only able to post one win for the entire season. Just like the girls’ soccer program, the future looks bright for the this volleyball squad, as the strong core of underclassmen should be grow into a better team in the next couple of years.

Cross Country

_DG_6219Pastor Heather Cook has helped SLA revive the cross-country program this fall. Progress was made by slowly adding students to the new program throughout the season, with the group ballooning to seven students. Practices were held around Lancaster and George Hill  (Dexter Drumlin), and all members focused on achieving personal goals as they trained. The three players who have showed excellent timing in each match included Sophomores Jared Allain and Nathan Noel, along with 8th grader Olivia Bakerlis.


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