Album Review: Love Ran Red

On October 27, Chris Tomlin’s long-anticipated album, “Love Ran Red,” released. The album, which can be found on Spotify or iTunes, is a consistent work, including many numbers that promise to be classic praise songs in the future.

Chris Tomlin is a Contemporary Christian artist who has been writing music from the age of fourteen. He has sold over 30 million albums. His songs are renowned for being some of the best praise and worship songs. He is currently leading worship with Christy Nockels, Louie Giglio, Brett Younker, and Kristian Stanfill at the Passion City Church based in Atlanta, Georgia.

The title song of his new album, At the Cross (Love Ran Red), is a feel-good number about God’s love and ultimately, the redemption of the human soul. The second track, Waterfall, is true to it’s name with a piano part that sounds like rushing water. The Roar is a powerful song of the “Lion of Judah.”

Over all, the album did not disappoint. Though a few of the songs felt a bit too similar, Tomlin has always had a reputation for being a consistent artist. The music is empowering and a reminder of God’s great love. It seems to have been well put together, and will appeal to the modern and conservative Christian alike.

What do you think the future of Contemporary Christian music is going to look like?

You can find the album on Spotify with this link:

Or on iTunes with this link:


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