An Interview with SLA’s New Interim Principal: Mrs. Roubidoux

id000005This past week South Lancaster had to say goodbye to their principal for the past eight years, Mr. Ronald Huff. In his place, the school welcomes Mrs. Roubidoux to her new position as the interim principal for the remainder of the school year. The Pioneer sat down with SLA’s new head administrator to clarify some questions and concerns that students and parents might have after this change in leadership.

Q: So now that Mr. Huff is gone, who is doing what? Will you be in both Browning and SLA as principal, as well as serving as registrar?

A: “As of this year I’m functioning as the principal and vice principal, which is little crazy, but i can do it and the whole school faculty is coming together. We have Mrs. [Judy] Hodder coming back on, who is very experienced in dealing with the registrar position and helping a little as vice principal. Mr. Lambert will also be helping out with administrative decisions, so it’s kind of a team effort that we are working together to keep things going.”

Q: How do you feel now that you’re the head principal?

A: “Well, its kind of a two-fold thing – because I’m honored in a very humble way that the board would ask me to fill in this position. Its definitely a challenge. Everyone I talk to I ask for prayers, because I think to be a leader of a school and responsible for so many kids, faculty and parents you need a lot of wisdom. I think there’s no way you can do this job without relying very heavily on God. I will admit since its only the first week, a lot has been coming at me and it can be a little overwhelming at times, but i feel good and i can beat the challenge.”

Q: What are your plans for next school year? 

A: “So, far I’m only the intern principal, and i would have to put my name in for the board to hire me for next year. I haven’t made that decision yet, but if i do get hired, the school will have to find a full-time vice principal and new registrar.

Q:What are your goals and intentions for SLA? What will you do different from Mr. Huff?

A: “My biggest goal that I have for the school is to improve the sense of community among the students and teachers so that they have more school spirit; a sense that everyone is looking after one another. I want to show that the school is concerned about everyone in the community and there’s a real sense of belonging for all. The biggest thing for me is student success; that every student is able to learn and every teacher commits to helping students succeed. Of course I would like to see the capital campaign for the school be successful, so our renovations can be completed.”

Q: What advice do you have for the 2014-15 Senior class as they finish their final year under your leadership? 

A: “My general idea for life is to never forgot the connection you have with God and your relationship with people. Never lose sight of that; it will make sure you aren’t living just for the present. Always keep a long eye so you’re looking forward. Have dreams and goals, and have something to look forward and work for so that things don’t come up on you when you’re not prepared.”

Q: What is the best advice you could give to the students and parents, since we are going through a major shift in the middle of the school year?

A:”The best advice to parents and the community at large would be stay in communication. If something is not right we need to know, so feel free to email, call or come in and visit. We have a very competent faculty and staff and the community needs to trust we can do this. Even though Mr. Huff is gone, we have the skills to keep things going as they were.”

Although, Mrs. Roubidoux was just handed down a huge responsibility, we believe she can keep our school on the correct route and has full ability to make SLA an even better school. She has always been a very reaffirming and positive force around the school, always showing support for our students to be successful.

Do you have any questions or comments for Mrs. Robidoux? Please leave them below!


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