The Huff Legacy

Courtesy of SLA

Courtesy of SLA

Ron Huff, South Lancaster Academy’s principal, has accepted a job offer as Assistant Superintendent of Education for the Southern New England Conference. His last day full-time was Friday, October 17th. The SLA Pioneer has set up one final interview with Mr. Huff to clarify the situation on how the school will be functioning, as well as what Mr. Huff has accomplished during his time as administrator.

  Q: What is the reason you are leaving SLA?

  A: “Well, its been eight years that I’ve been running the school, so its been a long time. Change is always good. I believe new ideas will be introduced to the school that will be key making the school better after I’m gone. Remember, I was asked to take the new job at the Conference. I wasn’t looking for it and  I think everything will be good with my decision in the long run.”

  Q: How will the school be run administratively due to you leaving in the middle of the year?

A: “Running smoothly without any problems. The same decision-makers and staff will be staying put, and they do a big part with the guidance of where the school is heading.”

Q: What does the school have to do to become a better school after you leave?

A: “To be honest, SLA is the best-operated school I’ve seen from my years of experience, and I’ve been around the country a lot. Spiritually, it is very active. All the events and programs we host are amazing. It’s a rarity and we stand out for it in the public eye.”

Q: What do you count as accomplishments as Principal? What do you believe is your legacy here? 

A: “The reformation that has occurred in the school. That, and the idea for the future of SLA’s remodeling. The new technology-based approach to academic learning and studying, along with making the school an e-campus has also begun. Also, I played a big part in the enrollment of the school. Our numbers are decent, and it’s provided the stability that has helped to keep SLA on the right path.”

Q: Any messages/advice for the students you’re leaving behind?

A: “ Take charge of your future! Be proactive and responsible in regard to what you are going to do with your life. In the past years I’ve been trying to promote this by letting the Juniors and Seniors be responsible and handle making their college transitions, and be independent. Just take charge in your life, that’s it.”

It is obvious that Mr. Huff shows kindness and concern for SLA. He has done great things to maintain SLA and keep it in in tip top shape. Although his leaving will be sad, it can be a great start to a new legacy and the change SLA needs. The school and alumni can all be thankful, recognize his leadership, and appreciate how he directed SLA forward into the right path. Thank you, and goodbye, Mr. Huff!


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