Senior Survival Recap

On September 5, South Lancaster Academy’s seniors left on the bus to go up to Jackman, Maine for Senior Survival. Senior Survival is an annual trip at SLA where all the seniors go camping for a week and spend time out in nature, studying the Bible, and participating in team-building activities. The senior class gets a choice of either a canoe trip or a stationary camping trip, and this year we chose to do a canoe trip.

We got there at around 9 P.M. on Friday. We sat in a circle around the campfire and had worship. Mr. Henderson, who plans out Senior Survival every year, asked us about absolute truth and whether or not we believe it exists. He also gave us an outline of the events of the trip and what was going to happen. We got up early on Sabbath morning and began studying the Great Controversy. We learned about the Bible being our only safeguard, and how we know that absolute truth comes from the Word of God. We also learned survival skills like how to start a fire in the rain with just a match and tinder and kindling found in the woods.

On Sunday, we practiced canoeing. Pastor Heather Cook and Andrew Henderson, who were both chaperones, tipped all of our canoes and so we had to practice getting back in to them without getting too much water in the canoes. After we worked on our canoe skills, we moved on to our team-building activity, the human knot. The human knot was really challenging for our class and we spent a long time on it, but it was good because it got us talking about leadership and what type of leaders we want to be. We discussed what we should do to make our class better, what problems we need too fix, and how important it is for us to respect everyone, even the people with completely different opinions and ideas.

On Monday, we packed up all of our stuff and went out on the river. The river was beautiful and it was a sunny day. We canoed for about 4 hours, and it was a lot of fun. On the way to the second campsite we had a 1/4 mile portage, so we carried all of our canoes and all of our belongings to the second campsite. We spent two days at this second campsite, and we learned a lot of survival skills. We learned about edible plants and tips for surviving during cold weather. We also made models of different types of shelters, like lean-twos, A-frames, and teepees.

On Wednesday, we started canoeing again to get to the third and final camp site. It was a longer canoe trip and took us about 6 hours to get there. Once we to got to this campsite, we focused more on team-building activities and brainstorming about ways to be efficient leaders as the senior class of SLA. We made a list of ways that we can positively impact the school and what we plan to do to set a good example for the rest of SLA.

Friday morning, we left for our third and final portion of the canoe trip. The weather was really cold and windy. It was the coldest day of the entire trip and it was really tough to canoe against the harsh winds, so it took the class longer than we had expected to finally get to our last stop. We finally got there, packed everything up in the trailer, and then sang Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, our theme song for the trip, one last time.

“I really liked the views when we were canoeing. I liked how beautiful all the mountains and trees were. It was great to experience what it’s like to leave electronics behind and stay focused on Jesus and not have distractions.” – Brenda Castro

“Senior Survival overall was a great experience. I had a bunch of fun bonding with my class in the woods out in Maine. It increased my understanding of God and the end times. I learned a lot and it was fun.” – Dylan Gibbons

Senior Survival was a really awesome experience. Jackman, Maine was beautiful and it was great to take a break and experience being out in the woods. The senior class got closer and we got a chance to spend time focusing on the things that matter. We learned more about what leadership means and how we should positively impact other people’s life and help bring them closer to Christ. We learned about the character of Jesus and how our characters should reflect His.


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