2014 SA Handshake at Salisbury Beach

20140828_101514The Students of SLA departed to a trip to Salisbury, MA to enjoy a day full of relaxation and fun at Salisbury Beach, the Student Association planned a morning filled with team challenges and games that were designed to bring students closer together as one. After all, the event is called Handshake, which basically means getting to know everyone.

The teams were run by senior sponsors who were told to get your team together and try to win the challenges. The teams were also predetermined and were assigned to each corresponding group of seniors. Some of the challenges included  things like wheelbarrow races, three-legged races, and “Chubby Bunny” which was to see who could fit more marshmallows and still properly pronounce the phrase “Chubby Bunny.”

After the events students enjoyed a nice lunch prepared by the seniors who were catering for Student Association and many seniors volunteered to make the lunches and have the proper snacks for everyone to eat.

Jordan LePlatte, Senior, “This year was probably one of the best ones and will not be forgotten any time soon. We had a blast and really liked the planning and organization we all shared.”20140828_082954

The weather this year was amazing unlike the previous year where it was very foggy and hard to see. This year it was nice and clear, the sun was shining and the waves were strong. Some people had a bad experience every so often with going in the water as the waves which were very large, creating rip tides which pulled some people in, myself included. Overall, the whole day was just as good as it could be. From soccer to football to eating marshmallows, the students had a great day and were satisfied with the results.

Many of the events were a bit challenging but the students still enjoyed themselves and enjoyed a great time at the beach and the seniors had a bitter-sweet moment as it was their last handshake as a student of South Lancaster Academy. What did you think of Handshake this year? Share your opinion in the comment section below.


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