The Mice of South Lancaster Academy (Part 2)

The absolute best place in the whole school for a mouse of my stature and size to hide is in the music room. This is purely because in the music room there is no possible way that you could ever be bored. The giants, for all their screaming and screeching and stomping have concocted a fantastic way of creating music that are far more advanced than my little rodent hands could ever understand. My personal favorite is the Giant Black Thing- frequently called a piano- that sits off to the side. On a dark and stormy day like this one, it is a perfectly wonderful thing to sit inside it and listen as the mallets hit against the strings.

“Thomas,” my sister, Violet, bounces over the piano strings and comes to land beside me on her little pink feet. “You’ve been here for hours! Shouldn’t we go get something to eat?”

“Violet, I am listening to the music,” I sigh.

“You’re trying to lose weight again, aren’t you?”

“I am simply not hungry. My stomach is only the size of a bean you know.”

“Thomas, how many times do I have to tell you, you are not overweight. You are perfect just the way that you are!”

“I am not trying to lose weight!” I cry exasperatedly. Then, “If I come eat will you not harass me about my dieting choices?”

“Fine,” she agrees. “There’s some great cheese in the cafeteria fridge.”

“I can’t eat cheese.”


“Do you know how high the cholesterol is in cheese?!”



“I am never letting you sit in on Health class ever again. Now let’s go get that cheese.”

We sneak out of the Big Black Thing, avoiding the gaze of the unassuming giant whose long fingers are flying over the keys with fast precision, and skitter over to the whole that leads from the music room to the kitchen.

“Oh no!” Violet squeaks. “It’s gone! They must’ve filled it in over the weekend!”

“But that’s not possible,” I growl.

“Oh dear. What to do, Thomas? We’ll never get to the cheese now!”

“Wait! I have an idea!”

“What is it?”

“We can fit under the door.”

“But Thomas, we’d have to go back across the room. The giant will see us for sure!”

“We have to try, or else we’ll never get out of here.”

Suddenly, we hear a loud clang coming from the Big Black Thing and the giant screeches piercingly.

“Run!” I shout.

A pencil clatters in my direction and I run to shield Violet from it’s razor sharp point. “It’s too far, Thomas!” she cries.


We skid the next few feet and squeeze under the door. The giant kicks at the door behind us. In the dark, Violet scampers up the refrigerator and pulls it open.

“Cheese!” she says, but I stand aghast.

“It’s gone,” I say. “The cheese is all gone.” She hops back down and wraps her tail around my shoulders.

“It’s okay, Thomas. We’ll find more cheese tomorrow.”

“Okay. Let’s just hide before that human finds us!”

We scamper back into the shadows. The search for cheese continues.


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