Sports Recap: September 22nd-26th,2014

Boys’ Soccer:

Tuesday – SLA @ Nashoba Tech (4-3 SLA)

 Kurtis Bakerlis helped the Crusaders win the game with 4 goals. A great game with big hopes for the team  this season with their offensive performance. Tristan and Arlan are still working hard to get their defensive line in shape.

Thursday – SLA @ Trivium (1-0)

The Crusaders boys with another win for their season! They manage to put a goal in the net in the 17th minute by Alison Fernandes and the team played a great game both defensively and offensively, while managing the home team from not scoring.

Girls’ Soccer:

Thursday- Trivium @ SLA (1-1)

Birthday girl, Alexis King scored first for the Lady Crusaders, but the team made one mistake and let in a goal by half. Mikaela Hernandez missed the goal by a few inches, which could’ve won the game for the home team. Both teams played smarter in the second half and had a scoreless half with a final score as a draw.

Girls volleyball: 

Thursday – Nashoba  Tech @ SLA (3-0 NT)

A completely different attitude from our girls in todays game, but they were still unable to capture their first win this season. Positive outlooks from all the players and with a lot more ambition in playing as a team and possibly a future win to come.

Cross Country: 

Tuesday- SLA @ Parker

A tri-meet at the Parker school,  featured SLA, Parker and Monty Tech. SLA was represented with the minority with only seven of our runners comparing to the 70 participants. Nathan noel had an amazing time and came in 12th place overall, while Jared Allain finished a couple minutes later.


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