Sports Recap: September 15th-20th,2014

Boys’ Soccer:

Tuesday – Advanced Math & Science Academy @ SLA (8-0 AMSA)

Igor Yoshida and Isaias Santana both played as goalie to help the Crusaders defend their home game, but failed with the lack of performance from the rest of the team. Kurtis Bakerlis missed the biggest opportunity by getting fouled in the goalie box. He received a penalty kick in his favor, but missed the shot right over the cross bar. The Varsity boys realized they need to train harder to bring home their first win.

Thursday – North Brookfield High School @ SLA (5-2 SLA)

The Crusader team brought home their first victory! After coach Henrique Deoliveira, teaching the team a lesson by starting only 8 of the 11 of the players on the team, they had to step up and realize the importance of practice and taking the sport seriously. Leo Zamo tied up the score ,1-1, in the beginning of the second half, then Ken on the left wing assisted Kurtis Bakerlis with an amazing four goals by the end of the game. 

Girls’ Soccer:

Wednesday- Worcester Tech @ SLA (4-0 WT) 

Captains Mikaela Hernandez and Gillian Stevenson tried to keep a fair fight against their new opponents they faced for the first time. They kept their team well in control, but it broke down with two goals on the 16th minute and 21st. The Crusader team leaped back up and played a solid defense right until the last few minutes when a questionable penalty kick that was given to the Worcester team.

Thursday- North brookfield @ SLA (3-0 NB)

A rough first half for the Lady Crusaders with all three goals suffered by half. Looking to overcome in the second half they locked down their defensive line, while midfielders Mikaela and Giana showing off their talented dribbling skills, the crusaders did not succeed with a offensive play to score.

Girls volleyball: 

Tuesday-SLA @ Tri-county 

Rough start of the season with a five lost streak. Unfortunately, the Crusaders girls lost all three sets in the game away, but continue improving to build new chemistry among the new players.

Thursday- AMSA @ SLA

Sadly, another dreadful defeat. The SLA girls were defeated on all three sets, while defending at home soil. And so the head coach calls for extra practice for the volleyball team after school on Fridays.


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