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As this is my last post for journalism, and as my time at South Lancaster Academy has dwindled down to a matter of days, I have decided to leave a couple of tips, to make the most out of your high school experience. As a high school-er I have tried my hardest to get involved in everything, and some good has definitely come from it, but at the same time I have had my fair share of mistakes. We as a human race are cursed with the idea that we have more time, and sadly my time has come to an end, but luckily you have more, so follow these tips and make it worth it.

Get Involved

It is hard to grow up in this day and age without having regrets, but I promise you if you get involved that will be one thing you won’t ever regret. Join different clubs like;

Drama- even if you think you can’t act, you’ll be surprised the amount of people you impact doing the Lord’s work. It’s an opportunity to be someone who you’re not, while doing the Lord’s work.

Choir- Although you may mandatory take to get a fine art credit, it’s a chance to perform up front and learn a bunch of cool songs.

Voce- If God has blessed you with a voice that is pleasing to hear, then don’t stop until everyone gets a chance to hear it. Voce is also a cool way to make friends, go on trips, and tours, and become a better singer.

Praise Team- If contemporary christian music is your forte, get involved. They are always in need of new singers. It helps improve your musical ability, along with being tons of fun.

Ski Club- You don’t have to be a pro skier from the age of three to join. It’s an opportunity to learn something new, and its cool to brag about.

If none of these things sound appealing to you, then make a club of your own.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New

Before coming to SLA, I had never participated in organized sports, so when I came to this school I was nervous and hesitant to do so. The volleyball season started in September and there were 22 other girls trying out. If I hadn’t gotten over my fear of trying something new, then I wouldn’t have made the team, or ever developed a love of the sport. The same went for basketball, I had never played and I learned to love it, and because of it, I am who I am today.

Join a sports team- Whether you think you are good at sports or not, play regardless. With each new year it is inevitable to not improve. So each year you will be a little better at the sport, so don’t hesitate to join!

Try out yearbook- Besides getting to see the yearbook in advance, you’ll get to help create it! Yearbook dabbles you in the art of graphic design, as well as exposes you to an awesome bunch of people to make friends with.

Don’t Hesitate to Assume Leadership

Be a Class officer- If you are afraid of being a leader then work your way into it easily with each new year. Freshman year run for a lower office if you aren’t quite ready, so that by senior year you can run for a major office.

Run for Student Association- Student Association is who plans all of the fun events during the school year. Although you aren’t allowed to run your freshman year, be sure to start thinking about running or actually running for an office. Don’t let age stand in the way, because the more experience you have the better leader you’ll be.

Apply for NHS- If your grades are adequate and you’ve done leadership in the past then National Honor Society is right for you. It’s an amazing opportunity to get the needed community service hours to graduate, and a chance to lend a helping hand to the community.

Besides learning to be a leader another perk is that these positions look great on college applications, and are good for scholarships.

Take the Needed Classes to Graduate First

Although there are a lot of classes that will look very appealing, but never forget that the number one purpose is to graduate. After all of the needed classes are out of the way then you can take electives, or enjoy a relaxed school year.

Don’t let Mistakes Keep You From Trying

Be sure to remember your age. By that I mean your young, and mistakes happen. As hard as you try to get the best grades, do well, and be successful, no matter what mistakes will happen. When these mistakes happen, keep on trying. If you fail a test, study harder next time. If you try anything and you mess up, try again until you get it perfectly.

Remember what makes SLA Different

Most importantly, do not forget what sets SLA aside from other schools. God. God is the reason we pay tuition, so that we can freely worship and learn more about him. As unpopular as God may seem, remember that He is the only one that truly matters. So whatever things you try or do, make sure it is all to the glory of Him. Also, never neglect a chance to praise Him,and fulfill His plan for us. We all are called to service, and I think its about time you start asking him, ” What can I do.” Or if you feel that something will take too long to accomplish, do it anyways because the time will pass regardless.

I am really going to miss this class, the staff, and this school, but the point I want to emphasize to the upcoming seniors and the other classes is to do something. So many times the only regrets we have are the times no action was taken. You have one thing that I am running low on, which is time. Do something with it. Change something with the time you have. Enjoy the time you have, because time will run out regardless.

Feel free to comment below about your journalism or high school experience. Tell us is you have some tips, or lessons you have learned from past mistakes.


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