New York City Teacher Poisoned By Students

public school 315

public school 315

On Tuesday, two boys from Brooklyn, New York were arrested for allegedly putting poison in their teachers water bottle. The crime took place on Monday afternoon when the two boys, ages 9 and 12, used rat poison to contaminate their teacher’s drink.  The poison caused her to feel nauseated the next day but she is now in recovery and doing well.

The Brooklyn Public School 315, also known as the School of Performing Arts, has decided not to comment on the incident. However, the New York City Department of Education has said in a statement that they are looking to closely monitor this situation. The two boys have been charged with possession of a deadly weapon.

The crime was reported when a student who witnessed the incident and told his mother. His mother then called the school to tell them. By the time the school was notified the teacher had already drank the poison. Once she had become aware she went to see a doctor. Luckily the teacher suffered no major reaction. The school and police are continuing to look into the incident. Police assume that the boys had done it only to see the type of reaction it would have however, their official motive hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Comment on your thoughts of this crime. What would you do if these were your kids?



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