Christian Woman Sentenced to Hang in Sudan

Meriam Yehya Ibraham Ishag is about to be the first person in Sudan to hang under the 1991 penal code. On Thursday, May 15, the Sudanese government sentenced the pregnant 26-year-old to death for converting from Islam to Christianity, which is illegal in Muslim Sudan. Though Ishag was raised by her Christian mother, her father was Muslim and therefore the country recognizes her marriage to Daniel Wani (a Christian) to be illegal. She was given three days to recant and refused.


Meriam Ibrahim Ishag with her husband, Daniel Wani.

Wani, who is an American Citizen residing in New Hampshire, has rushed back to his native Sudan to try anything to see to his wife and 20-month-old son’s release. “I’m just praying for God. He can do a miracle,” he says.

Since Ishag is eight months pregnant, she will not be allowed to hang until the child is two years of age. Still, the United Nations is appealing to Sudan’s government to hand over the young woman, calling the sentence outrageous. But others fear that interfering with Sudan’s customs and traditions could leave some serious repercussions.

Perhaps we have become a little too comfortable in our easy Christianity. Sure, times get tough, loss happens, but so far, no one has approached me with a noose and ordered for me to recant Jesus Christ. Cases like Meriam Ishag should be held in a high respect by those of us who can still worship in our religion freely. We know that this world is temporary and all those who died for Jesus will be risen again to live with Him forever. Until then, we will all keep Ishag in our prayers and encourage her to keep up her faith in God.


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