My thoughts on Donald Sterling’s controversial comment

Donald Sterling, owner of the NBA franchise, Los Angeles Clippers was recently banned from the NBA. Kind of ironic right? I personally thought so, considering the reason why he got kicked out is rather idiotic and immature, especially when you see that he is considered to be an educated man who is successful because of his intelligence. He was removed due to an audio clip of a conversation between him and his mistress, Vanessa Stiviano, who is both of African American and Hispanic parents. Stiviano recently uploaded a picture of her and Magic Johnson on her instagram profile and the picture really bothered Sterling. Why did it bother him? That is a very good question considering I don’t think he even knows the answer, he just has a hatred or disgust towards any minorities. Feel free to look up the audio clip and just a head’s up, it doesn’t make sense and doesn’t really seem as if it were an educated person speaking. He just rambles on and on, about how he doesn’t want Stiviano to bring “Black” people to his games.

Due to his “racism” or dislike to minorities, the Commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver, decided to kick Sterling out of the NBA and fine him for $2.5 million dollars. The reason for this punishment is that the commissioner has the ability to fine someone or punish behavior deemed “prejudicial” or “detrimental” to the league.  The racist comments were said by a franchise owner which could potentially offend many people. In this case, even the President had a say in this. Obama commented by saying that the comments made by Sterling were “incredibly offensive racist statements” and the White House Press said the President believes the NBA has done the right thing.

My personal views is that this is very ignorant of Sterling because he being the wealthy and “intelligent” man that he is goes and makes a stupid comment about something that was not a big deal and get’s himself kicked out of the NBA. If you want to make all your supporters and fans hate you one day to the next, this is the easiest way to do it. His best option in my opinion is to sell the Franchise before all his investment in the team just goes down hill. He could save the reputation, or whats left of him or the franchise by selling the team. I personally believe it was insensitive and he regrets doing this. I see the Clippers being sold and him living with his life… NBA-less. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll still be watching the games, except this time it’ll have to be on his flat screen tv.


Leave your opinion on the matter below.


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