SLA’s Releases New Schedule for the 2014-2015 School Year

Recently, students here at South Lancaster Academy were given a copy of the new schedule for next school year. There are lots of new changes. Typically, the schedule doesn’t change much. It’s usually about the same, year after year. However, next year some of the drastic changes include getting out of school at 3:05 rather than 3:15, and staying in school until 1:45 on Fridays. SLA has gotten out of school at 12:15 for years now, but in order to meet the hours of school required per week, the schedule had to be changed, prolonging the school day on Friday. Friday will have all the classes of a regular day, except there won’t be chapel. Each of the classes will be shortened, and there will even be lunch on Friday, which is new. Currently, Fridays at SLA consist on only morning classes, and all afternoon classes only take place Monday – Thursday. The Pioneer asked Mr. Huff about the new school schedule:

“The changes are we’re adding Calculus, there are now two sections of computer apps because some seniors need to take it and they’re going to have to make a choice. There are block periods of auto mechanics and journalism, which were needed because 45 minutes was not enough for those classes. Spanish classes will be moved to the morning. Every year there are changes that are done to tailor to the year coming. Nothing’s perfect. One goal is to have kids in classes all the time so there are no study halls, but that doesn’t happen. The whole issue boils down to our accreditation and the fact that in our codes that we have to go by such as the union code and the state code there needs to be so many minutes per class per week. We do religion which other schools do not, so that takes up more time. I have to report every year on classes and minutes and how our schools compare to what the actual rule is. We’ve been short of minutes over all since forever and so I manipulated the schedule of the classes to a point where we could meet the requirement. Had we gone with the same schedule everyday, we would’ve been able to get out at 2:30 everyday, but because of the Sabbath issue, I adjusted the schedule accordingly so that we still met the minute requirements and made Friday 1:45 so there was still time to prepare for the Sabbath. We have to do lunch, so that makes it 1:45 rather than 1:30. If it were not for lunch, it would be a little earlier. We would not have gotten the high score we got for accreditation if it were not for the schedule the changes. Also, the afternoon classes were getting cut off. I don’t like going to 1:30 on Fridays but it’s an easier pill to swallow than 2:45 everyday.”

Some students also voiced their opinion on the schedule changes:

“I don’t like it as much because I’ll miss the half days on Fridays. I’m not really in favor of it. It makes me mad because I won’t be able to take Video Journalism next year because I have conflicts in my schedule.” – Tori Stong, junior.

“It doesn’t really matter to me anyways because I get out at 12:15. I don’t support it because it messes up schedules for a lot of other people.” – Kurtis Bakerlis, junior.

“I don’t like the new schedule because I won’t be able to take Physics like I was planning. I feel like the times aren’t a huge deal. If it’s necessary, then I’m okay with it.” – Josue Feliciano, sophomore.

Overall, many students dislike the new schedule changes, but a lot of students are indifferent. The schedule changes every year, but eventually everyone gets used to it. Although the new schedule may not be popular, it is necessary for the school to meet it’s class time requirements.

What do you think of the new schedule? Share in a comment below.


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