My predictions on the 2014 World Cup part 2

After much anticipation, here comes my part two of the World Cup Predictions series. YAY! haha, now that the World Cup is closer than it was yesterday, as it is now 21 days from kick off of the first game. Everyone is getting eager and impatient as they wait to see who the best player/team is because this World Cup will be like no other. More people will attend games and even more people will tune in worldwide.

So let’s “kick-off” the predictions and the possible outcomes of the second half of the groups, Groups E-H. Group E, not very much competition as much as maybe Group B or A, but still extremely good games. This group consists of Switzerland, Ecuador, France, and Honduras. This group is really not predictable because it could be either or. My favorites for the team would be France and Switzerland, but at the top of my list for this group would be France, reason being that France has some superstars such as Frank Ribery, who was a contestant to win the Ballon d’Or in January, he is an extremely good player and has insane goals for Bayern Munich, which is a team that plays in the German league. I believe that he could be a big game changer for France and he could be very deadly with Paul Pogba by his side. Pogba is another player, very young and very skilled, scoring also very extraordinary goals.

Group F, which hosts Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, and Nigeria. Being realistic for this group, there’s really no debate as Argentina is one of the teams I believe would win the entire World Cup. The reasons I believe that Argentina might take it all is because of the world’s best player, Lionel Messi, he’s joined by other very skilled players such as Di’Maria, Higuain, and Aguero. This team is close to unstoppable and i believe they will take it all. It’s about time Messi claims his proper title as the best player and to do so, many believe he must win the World Cup this year.

Lets get going to the “Group Of Death”, Consisting of Germany, Portugal, Ghana, and USA. I personally believe USA lucked out on this one because they really don’t have that great of a chance, especially since USA superstar Landon Donovan, will not be traveling to Brazil with the National team. The Coach believes that he isn’t as dedicated and he is just taking up the spot of someone who might perform better, someone with more enthusiasm to perform 110%. Landon said he was slightly upset with the decision of the Coach but will support the team regardless. With him, USA actually has a much higher chance of winning the group, without him though, the team will have to face German heavyweights, such as Neuer, the best goalie right now, and he’s joined by brick wall defense like Lahm, and Mats Hummels. Then comes Portugal, as soon as you hear Portugal, you automatically think Cristiano Ronaldo who won the Ballon d’Or earlier this year and who fought his way against Sweden to win a spot in the the 32 headed to Brazil. He will be a top contender alone as he is said to carry the team. I personally believe that either team will come out of this group but it will be very challenging for USA or Ghana to come out on top.

Now, the last group, Group H, which hosts Belgium, Algeria, Russia, and Korea Republic. This team really, to me, has not too much going on, I don’t think any of these teams will make it to the final round. They have really tough competition and are considered to be the underdogs. But hey, the ball is round and anything can happen so stay tuned for kick off on June 12th as the competition starts. Good luck to all teams and support your favorites.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts and any opinions you have. Thanks.


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