Nine Students Give Lives to God at SLA’s Harvest Baptism

On May 17, South Lancaster Academy’s Harvest Baptism took place at the Sterling Church. Nine students got baptized. The nine students were Olivia Bakerlis, Lisette Deleon, Hannah Knowles, Natalia Perez, Nathan Johnson, Sean Johnson, Kristoffer Williams, Alexis Valdez, and Angel Reveron. Also, a member of the All Nations church got baptized first. Each person got to choose a song to be sung before they got baptized. Many of them chose their favorite worship songs or a song that they feel describes their relationship with God.

It was a great day and very emotional for many people. Everyone was singing and a lot of people cried when their friends or family members got baptized. It was awesome to see people beginning their spiritual walk with God. 10 people that day made the best decision that they will ever make, the decision to follow Jesus. The Pioneer asked some of these students about their experience:

“It was a decision I’ll never regret. It feels good to be baptized. I really felt God’s presence in that moment. He’s done so much for me so I’m glad I decided to give my life to Him.” – Hannah Knowles, freshman.

“Getting baptized was awesome. I had all my friends and family there and I was so surprised at the amount of support I had. I also really liked that one of my teachers was able to baptize me. I’ve known God for a long time and this decision has strengthened my relationship with Him.” – Sean Johnson, freshman.

“Getting baptized is the best choice I’ve ever made or ever will make. Some people spend their whole lives searching for happiness and, most importantly, love. I’ve found them both in Jesus. I believe love is a choice, and I’ve decided to choose Jesus everyday above all things for the rest of my life left on earth. My goal is to not only exist but to live. Jesus is life, following him is the only and ultimate way to ever truly live.” – Natalia Perez, senior.

It was an incredible blessing to watch all of these people devote their lives to Jesus. Everyone who attended was so happy for the people who got baptized and the presence of the Holy Spirit was definitely felt that day.

What was it like the day that you decided to get baptized? Share in a comment below.


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