When Flowers Wilt

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.” Isaiah 40:8

In the summer of 2013 my aunt’s cat had four adorable kittens. Inheriting one of them, my family became the proud owner of our second cat, Oliver. He is now a big, fluffy, orange, 10 month-year-old kitten. Our first cat, Milo, didn’t receive the new family member well and would growl and hiss anytime Oliver would pass by. Orange cats tend to be more mellow and well behaving, but Milo was naughty from birth and slowly taught Oliver his ways.

One of the naughty habits Milo seems to have is a flower fetish. Anytime bright tulips or roses are brought into my house he goes running, licking and biting the petals. He will smell and rub against them till he pleases but in the process usually ruins the beautiful bouquet. Oliver would watch him mess up our plants and flowers until one day he decided to join him. That day forward we had to hide any flower from both of them if we wanted to keep it.

This Tuesday afternoon my sister, Jesenia, surprised me with a bouquet of tulips. Excited, I had her prepare them and put them on my night stand by the window. Not thinking things through I left my door open that night for the cats to come in. (They usually sleep at the bottom of my bed.) At four in the morning I woke up to sound of a splashing water and a falling vase. Angrily I get up and see Oliver, wet and purring right next the mess. I pick up the flowers and vase and refill it with water. Before I continued sleeping I said a quick prayer that God would still allow my flowers to open up, live, and become beautiful. The next day when I got home from school I found my flowers opened and reaching towards the sun.

Looking back I laugh at my silly cat and am grateful for the incident. If it wasn’t for Oliver knocking over my flowers I wouldn’t have appreciated the result of their beauty as much. In life God uses our worst moments to create our greatest joy. He takes our pain and makes sunshine. The hurt will end, but God’s promises will last forever.


Tell the Pioneer of your “tulip” moment!


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