Comcast Controlling the Internet? The Fight for Net Neutrality

Comcast has the ability to direct it’s users and other companies to certain websites.  If other companies want to advertise or show up first on a Google search, they would have to pay Comcast a lot of money or more than the other company.  This is destroying the principle that makes a competition for internet possible.  Other companies want to advertise, but they can’t unless they pay a good amount of money to Comcast.  Another company that is doing a similar this is, “Verizon Fios.



When your internet provider controls your internet they will do anything to take as much money as they can.  Their is a reason you are only able to get 50mbs internet speeds.  Google Fiber is cheaper than Xfinity and they have 1,000mbs internet speed.  Google Fiber will be improving their internet speeds in the future, but the problem with Google Fiber is that it is only available in certain states (not New England).  Comcast can give you more, but you will need to pay a lot more.  Overall Comcast could be giving their customers more, but they are not.

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