AP Students Share Advice for Future Students


Mr. Lambert’s favorite “catch phrase” for AP U.S. History class

This week, the advanced placement students at SLA finally took the tests they’ve been preparing for all year. It has been a rough year for each of these students who have taken either AP US History or AP Government, but they have lived to tell the tale and have left some advice for people thinking about taking an AP class.

US History student, Sophia Bruso highly recommends taking the class. “You have nothing to lose,” she says.

“Study, study, study!” stresses Tori Stong, from AP Government. “Pay attention in class and make sure you understand the material right away. If you don’t get it then, you never will.”

“Am I allowed to swear?” jokes Government student, Samantha Crowley.

Sophomore, Sabrina Mapes says, “Take lots of notes, even when everything seems stupid. Do your homework. And get used to Mr. Lambert randomly shouting ‘Murica!’ in class.”

“Do it,” says Aaron Comely (US History) before saying, jokingly, “It’s a waste of life… write that down.”

“It’s a really tough class,” says Devin Crowley, sophomore. “But Mr. Lambert is a really awesome teacher.”

All in all, AP students were surprised by the tough class, but have learned a lot.



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