If They Don’t, We Will!

During my Sophomore of high school at South Lancaster Academy, certain events took place that resulted in me becoming the school’s new pianist. I had taken piano lessons for a few years, but I would never consider myself a professional, or even capable of being the school’s pianist. Unfortunately, I lack the ability to say no to people who ask me favors, so I found myself playing the piano for each chapel service.

Time and time again I would either mess up, not know the song, communication between the band was lacked, or the hardest one when the audience would laugh or refuse to stand and sing. I am naturally a quirky person, but I have never been more humiliated than performing in praise team. Each day I would say to myself that I am going to quit, or whats the point no one sings anyways. A couple of times when I couldn’t bare it, I did quit, and I joined the group that didn’t sing or stand. My absense from the praise team wasn’t beneficial and put more of the embarrasement on them. Feeling guilty, and lame for breaking a commitment, I rejoined. The idea of quiting never left my mind until one day. Normally Pastor Nino says a prayer with us and a chant, but this day it touched me. We all had lifted our heads from prayer and he said, ” If they don’t sing, we do. If they don’t stand, we do. If they don’t praise, we do.

I realized that it didn’t matter if nobody sang, it didn’t matter if no one stood, it didn’t matter if the majority hated chapel, what did matter is why we do what we do. We all have been put on this earth to please and serve and audience of one, our Father. With that in mind, we can go on performing, having the hope that we will make a difference in at least one persons life. If Jesus would have died for only Adam and Eve if they were the only ones who ever sinned, then I think we can manage to praise even if only person is singing.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in Journalism and I heard a rumor that the class would not continue after this year; a rumor which was confirmed this week. I couldn’t believe it, and instantly my brain thought of my praise team experience. That it doesn’t matter if not every student reads the paper. It doesn’t even matter if none of the students read the paper, because we have to rememeber what our purpose is, we have to rememeber that we may be making a difference in someone’s life, and we have to remember that what we do does not always produce immediate results, or even ones that can be seen.

I joined the journalism crew last year, and I can testify to the fact that the Pioneer makes a difference, and it has changed my life. I have put so much time and effort into this paper, following the staff crew’s that came before me. The paper still matters, and I am not the only one who thinks so.

Former South Lancaster Academy student Adam Girma was in charge of the Arts/Entertainment page and shares two ways the Pioneer has hepled him.

“1. For my page I wrote a whodunit mystery story that spanned 8 issues of the paper. Today I am adapting that very story into a graphic novel series that I plan to publish after I finish college. If it hadn’t been for the Pioneer, I may never have written that story or discovered my love for writing. I imagine other students currently on the staff are discovering their love for writing too. The Pioneer is a wonderful outlet for that gift.

2. This past semester I joined the staff of the Accent, the newspaper at Southern Adventist University. I had the opportunity to write many articles for the paper. One of the other writers was also on the Pioneer staff with me at SLA. Because of the Pioneer, she went on to pursue a career in journalism. Imagine how many current students might do the same if given the opportunity to work for the Pioneer.”

Last year’s editor, Brandon Beneche stated,

” I don’t think journalism should end because it gives students a totally different experience from any of the classes. It teaches responsibility, independence, patience, hard work, and it helps develop leadership skills. Even though I was editor last year and it was very difficult, I don’t regret taking that class for one moment.”

Former news editor, Natalia Marie Perez says,

” I am completely against the termination of the journalism class. When I first joined my freshman year, I discovered a new found love for writing and it helped shape my path for decisions on future careers. Eliminating this class prohibits this from happening to any students in the future! It also takes away options for electives, and it takes away the “happy place” of many aspiring writers at SLA; those that have yet to be discovered. If we are a student famly, we should all feel we have a place, and a lot of us have a talent for expressing oursleves through words. If journalism is taken out, those students’ writing talents will be homeless because they will no longer find a place in this school. Also, the SLA pioneer is our school newspaper. It identifies us from others. Removing journalism is removing the newspaper, therefore removing a piece of our identity.”

Deanna Howard stated,

” I liked journalism because it was an outlet during the school year to nonschool related material. It wasn’t just another class where you were learning. It allowed you to do your thinking with what you actually wanted to learn about or discuss or inform others about. ”

Journalism student of 2011, Kathleen Robidoux enthusiastically quoted,

“The Pioneer gave me an accurate picture of journalism and helped me develop confidence in my writing. I treasure the experience I had as a Pioneer writer.”

As you can see, the Pioneer has made a difference in all of these lives, not counting the ones I haven’t asked, or even this year’s staff. If journalism teaches anything besides the love of writing, it teaches students to not give up; and if people don’t read, keep on producing and shoving material in their face until they do!

What is the goal of the Pioneer? Is it to make a difference? If so, it already has, and taking it away will deny the opportunity for other students to recieve the impact the Pioneer makes. Is the goal to have a school paper? If so, then it is a paper even if no one reads it?.

As you go throughout the rest of the day just remember that the effects of what you do, may not be seen until a very long time. Most importantly remember, ” If they don’t read, we still write. If they don’t care, we do! If you think there is no point of the paper, you’re wrong because we think there is.

If you think Journalism should continue, please comment below of why you think so, and how the Pioneer makes a difference.



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