Archaeologist Discovers King David’s Citadel

King David's Citadel

King David’s Citadel

Israeli Archaeologist, Eli Shukron, has discovered the Biblical citadel used by King David to conquer Jerusalem. This discovery has brought up controversy as to whether or not the Bible can be used as a reference to identify historical ruins. Nobody questions the existence of King David in history but some archaeologists are skeptical on so-called “Davidic” sites. King David is known for establishing Jerusalem as the central holy city in Judaism. Shukron says the site perfectly matches up to the description of his entry point into the city as found in the Bible.

Eli Shukron, who began his dig back in 1995,  discovered  a 21 foot wide wall of five-ton stacked stones. The walls were found to be 3,800 years old; dated using found pottery shards. They are the Largest walls in their region that date before King Herod. The walls are assumed to have been the city’s protection to their water source as it was found to surround a water spring. Shukron says the walls, which were built 800 years before David’s time, support clues in the bible that suggest this site as King David’s point of entry into the city. In Second Samuel, it can be read that David orders the capture of a walled city by entrance of a water shaft. Sure enough a small water shaft was found at the site of the walled area at Shukron’s Dig.

According to Shukron there is no other structure in Jerusalem that fits the description of “David’s Citadel” in the Bible. Of course there are other archaeologists who disagree and criticize some archaeologists for being to eager to relate everything to the Bible. Nevertheless, Shukron has been exploring Jerusalem for over two decades and says he knows every little thing about the city of David and has never come across such a huge fortification as the one found.

Vice president Spielman of the Elad Foundation, which oversees the City of David Archaeological Park, said, “We open the Bible and we see how the archaeology and the Bible actually come together in this place.” The Excavation site has already been open for tourists at the park and includes a projection of what the site would have looked like 3,800 years ago.

Comment on whether or not you believe this site is the real biblical citadel of David.


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