Skype Makes Group Video Calls Free!

Skype now allows you to video call multiple people for free!  Skype only allows up to 10 people on a laptop, that would be unlikely.  Before Skype would charge you a membership to group call with video.  On an  Xbox One, you can Skype up to 4 people.  The only reason to get a Skype membership now is to internationally call or video call others ($13.99/month). This is much cheaper than using any other service.


When I was in Panama, I used FaceTime on my iPhone to communicate for free over WiFi.  But the difference is that we could only FaceTime one person at a time unlike Skype.  For international, I would recommend using FaceTime over WiFi just because its free (only if you have a iOS device).

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  1. Ahh yep.. It was much needed and lot of helpful . I appreciate this step by Skype. Thanks for the nice info

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