Spring Banquet 2014

Courtesy of Turner Hall

Courtesy of Turner Hall

Every year the student association host a banquet. The banquet is a formal event where students come together , get dressed up , eat, and have fun together. Banquet has always varied throughout the years , but it is always special and unique each year and students always look forward to!

This year Banquet will be hosted, on May 14th, outside at the Clinton Pavilion. Rumor has it that the Student Association has arranged for Chipotle to cater the even this year.

Banquet has been given the unique title  ” Let the Games Begin” it will be a game show themed night. SA is planning on having games for the attendees and cool prizes to be won for those planning on participating. They are having games like Minute to Win It , Lets Make a Deal, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

A contest is being held to see who can propose to their date and ask for their hand to banquet the best. The winner of this contest will be winning two free tickets to banquet for them and their date. Other wise tickets will be $25 a ticket. For those who do not attend SLA tickets will be $30.

Here are a few quotes about what students are hoping to get from this years banquet:

“Well this is my last banquet , so I am hoping it is extraordinary this year. I’m hoping this one will be one that I remember for years to come.”- Jannice Grunder, Senior

“I’m pretty excited for banquet this year since it is my first one. I’m hoping it is really fun and that it’s a good as everyone is making it out to be.” Josh Silver, Freshmen

If you have any questions regarding banquet feel free to comment below and well help answer them!


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