SLA’s Internet Problems

Here at SLA the school bought a provided internet service by Staples I.T. crew.  Unfortunately the internet has been very slow at time and just won’t work at other times.  There are times when I will be in class with my laptop trying to print off a paper for a teacher, and I won’t be able too, because of the internet.  The demand is very high for good internet at our school and I will try figuring out what this school needs to do, to fix this problem.

Kid on the internet meme

Luckily we have this semester and summer to fix this problem for next year.  For SLA this school year was a beta test for our schools technology’s.  Next year, we will need the internet to be flawless because the teachers and the students will depend on iPad’s that require internet for certain tasks like Schoology (online homework).  The internet at the school is currently reading 14.63 Mbps download and 2.68 Mbps which is average for home internet, but this is a school and it should be getting more that 100 Mbps download.  At my house I am currently getting 50 Mbps which is a big and noticeable difference.

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