SLA’s Seniors Say “I Do”!

Courtesy of Google

Courtesy of Google

Its tradition at South Lancaster Academy that all seniors , in Bible 4 , get married ! Once the girls pick their “future husbands” then the guy must propose, this proposal must be creative a unique, and enough to get the girl to say yes . After proposing there is the option of having a wedding for extra credit . The wedding must be well put together and special. After your hitched its time to get your mechanical baby.

This project is used to teach the seniors the principles of marriage and how to be responsible in our relationships . The babies are to give seniors an idea of how much work it is to have a child.

After asking the Bible teacher why he has the seniors do the project and he said, ” First and foremost I do it for the curriculum and second I have the Seniors do this project to show them the importance of marriage and having children.”

Proposals have been taking place all week and students have been waiting patiently to see what new ideas the guys come up with, but here are a few quotes about peoples favorite proposals they have witnessed.

” I really liked Isaac’s proposal to Natalia , it seemed very sincere and romantic ! He really put thought into it. “- Jared Allain, Sophomore

” I enjoyed Lucas proposal to Allura, he really thought it out and it was well put together and it was spontaneous , it came out of nowhere.It was also really cute !”-Julia Silva , Sophomore

” Ive only seen two proposals , but I enjoyed Lucas’ the best. The other one was just obnoxious. ” Gilbert Cartagena , Sophomore

Comment below and share what you think a good proposal idea would be!

Senior Couples
Mitchell & Amneris
Brandon & Jannice
Lucas & Allura
Pablo & Allura
Erik & Azalea
Luis & Sharisse
Frankie & Alyssia
Sam & Roxanne
Dan & Amanda
Isaac & Natalia



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