Amazon Joins the TV fight!

Amazon introduced their brand new Amazon Fire TV.  This new TV box is a real fighter in this competition with other TV boxes like Apple TV, for $100!  For $40 more, you can buy a game controller that looks more like a Xbox One controller more than a PlayStation 4 controller.  The Amazon Fire TV’s controller has a built-in microphone that will allow you to use your voice to control it.

Amazon Fire TV has a lot to offer in one product like music, games, TV, and streaming.  This quad-core, 2 GB of memory TV box is the fastest on the market!  The remote will not have interference anymore because it doesn’t use infer red anymore.  The interface is what  you would expect from one of these boxes; very standard.


Amazon Fire Controller

Movies and TV

Amazon Fire Remote

Gaming on the Amazon Fire TV will be similar to gaming on the OUYA.  Indie and mobile will the type of game that the Amazon Fire TV will have.  Games will be fun either way,  you wont get the results of a Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or a PC.

Voice Search

Amazon Fire

Overall, other companies will step up their game.  It will be exciting to see what other companies will do.  If you enjoyed this article, please  like and or a comment on your set-top box of choice down below.


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