SLA’s New Dress Code.

courtesy of Google Images

courtesy of Google Images

Next year SLA will be making a few changes to the students dreadful dress code. For a long time students have not been allowed to wear their sweaters or jackets unless they had the school logo printed on them. Now students can wear whatever sweaters they want and express themselves freely. They will no longer have to worry about being cold in class if they don’t have a school sweater.

Another change we will see are sweatpants and yoga pants making a reappearance. Now students can be comfortable as they study and not worry about getting in trouble. These changes should be very pleasing to students as they have been a constant struggle for students. This will also limit the frequencies of students getting in trouble for dress code related issues.

The new change is hoped to help students focus more on their academics as they will be warm and comfortable and notdistracted by the cold through class. We will see if this new dress code indeed improves the SLA students academics in the near future.



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