Constituent Church Votes to End Basketball Program


From late November until early March the  South Lancaster Academy community comes alive to support the basketball teams. Every Saturday night the gym is packed, the players are sweating, and the crowd roars bringing to life a competitive atmosphere. Throughout the years there have been numerous ejections, almost fights, and negative attitudes from both the crowd and the players. The constituent church has made the argument many times that a Seventh-Day Adventist school should not allow competitive sports because it doesn’t portray a godly environment, and competitive is not the way a christian should behave. As a solution to this problem the constituent church and the school decided that if SLA opens up next fall, the basketball program will be cancelled and there will be no Lady or Boy Crusaders. Suggestions have been made for intramural basketball, but the decision has been made today to not have them, and the only basketball that will be held at SLA will be in Physical Education class.

In late September before the regular basketball season started, South Lancaster Academy’s athletic director and the constituent leaders met with the officials of MIAA, to discuss the probationary season of 2013-14. They met on a mutual agreement that if either the guys or the girl’s team was able to win the sportsmanship award then the program would continue at least until the 2015 season. The last time SLA has won the sportsmanship award was in 2011 and before that 2008. Seeing that we are one of the few christian schools in the league, the constituent members along with the athletic director found it rather ridiculous that more sportsmanship awards have not been accumulated over the years. Since SLA was not able to successfully accomplish the needed task, the basketball teams have played their last season until further notice.

” It is such a shame that basketball will no longer be continued at SLA. It was a great way for the community to come together,  it was a reason for the players to keep up their grades, and it taught them how that with hard work all things are possible. These past few years have been the most succesful in the schools history. Period. I do understand that the games would sometimes get too intense, and the reaction from the crowd and the players was un-godlike, and because of that very reason I can respect the ending of the basketball program. We can not forget that it comes God than basketball.” quoted the lady crusaders coach on how she felt about the situation.

” I was happy to be apart of the last season, and hopefully they will be able to reopen the basketball program.” disappointedly answered the guys coach.

In order for the basketball program to be reopened, attend the next constituency meeting on April 16, 2014 at 7:00 pm, and voice why the program will be reopened.

Feel free to comment below your feelings towards the ending of the basketball program and whether or not it should be reopened.


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