Cancerous Veggies??

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

The worst for the Adventist community has yet to come! A new ingredient found in all soy-veggie-meats contain carcinogenic cells that flow into our blood stream. The more consumption leads to greater side effects including: blood cell cancer, liver cancer, and stomach cancer.

The word is trying be spread as fast as possible to all of the Adventist and vegetarian community. Leading oncologist Dr. Martin Castro states
“…the vegetarian market must now be limited due to the carcinogenic cells replicating in all soy ‘meat’ products. If action is not immediately taken society will suffer immediate consequences.” The Pionner is trying to warn the community so please help inform everyone you know.


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  1. I’ve read through a few of your blogposts and you write really well!

  2. Brandon Beneche

    Not gonna lie… I totally fell for this one…

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